Community and Economic Benefits

Community Benefits

Development of an underused site

A landmark building for film production – potential to increase the sound stage space from the current 61,750 sqft to around 150,049 sqft (GIA)

Protecting and restoring a local landmark building

Development of an underused site and ensuring a long-term use of a historical asset

Landscape and site improvements

Opportunities to utilise the local supply chain in the creative and media sector

Opportunities for training and skills for young people in a growing sector’

Local Economic Benefits  

Up to 700 person-years of construction employment generated over the 15–18-month construction period

Up to 2,020 new and local FTE permanent, indirect, and induced jobs

Wider Economic Benefits

The screen industry is a very valuable sector to the UK with a GVA of £12.4 billion as of 2019

Employment, expenditure and GVA for the film industry has grown significantly – over the period 2009-19, the total expenditure on film production in the UK has increased by 61%

A total economic impact of up to £317 million in GVA per annum.

Up to £95 million in GVA is expected to be generated within Hounslow annually.

Up to £819 million in GVA generated within Hounslow during the ten years following occupation.